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Satisfaction Guarantee

If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with the work done, please reach out to our service coordinators and we will work with you to find a solution. 


In addition to our general satisfaction guarantee, we offer service specific guarantees with exclusions outlined below. 


Gutter Cleanings:

If debris in your gutters causes an overflow within 90 days of our cleaning, we will come and clear the the clog at no charge. 

  • Since we can't control when trees drop needles and leaves, the guarantee does not cover re-cleaning the entire system of new debris. 

  • Our gutter services and guarantees do not cover clogs in an underground drainage system. 

  • We do not guarantee leaf guard gutter systems.

  • We do not guarantee systems with aftermarket gutter covers. 

    • We work within reason to find a solution to overflows caused by gutter covers or clogs underneath the covers. We may charge a fee for gutter cover removal/disposal. 

Roof Moss Cleaning & Treatment:

If moss growth returns within 365 days of a roof cleaning service, we will remove and retreat it at no additional charge. 

  • In order to re-treat the roof, we may need to clear loose roof debris which may be an additional fee. 

  • Pollen and algae buildup are not covered under the guarantee. 

  • If you decline treatment on your roof, guarantee does not apply. 

  • If you decline to have larger moss growth removed but have the roof treated, the guarantee may not apply. 

Window Cleaning:

If you notice streaks or missed spots on your windows within 30 days of a cleaning, we will come and reclean the affected windows at no charge. We strive to be as detailed as possible when cleaning windows but we often cannot remove every blemish. We clean to a level where removable blemishes are not visible when standing 6 feet from a window. 

  • Mineral stains on glass are not removable by our process. 

  • Window tracks are not a part of our services.

  • Interior of the skylights are not a part of our services.

  • Washing sills and frames is a separate service and fee.

  • Pest control chemicals often are not removable from glass. 

  • Paint removal is an additional fee.   

Automatic Maintenance Services:

We offer our standard gutter guarantees without time limits if you are on our automatic service schedule. Window and roof moss cleaning limits still apply.

  1. Perpetual guarantee applies only if there are two or more gutter cleanings per year. 

  2. If the system perpetually clogs between appointments, it may be necessary to add additional services to your schedule.  

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