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Homemade Moss Killer For Roofs

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

What You Should Know Before You Grab Vinegar or Bleach.

Search online and you will find plenty of DIY moss removal methods trending online. Vinegar and bleach are two of the most common moss killing solutions for DIY enthusiasts. Are they effective or can they cause more harm to the life of your roof?

what is the best homemade moss killer for roofs


Vinegar can be effective against moss because it works to change the pH on the shingles to make it hostile to moss growth. Unfortunately, applying vinegar yourself can be tricky, and dangerous for several reasons: 1. If a homeowner has a tall or steep roof and does not have the proper safety equipment or training, it can be risky.

2. Applying vinegar in an effective amount can be pricey and require frequent reapplication since it wears off with rain.

If your roof moss has been growing for a while, it won’t remove the moss itself without scraping or brushing, which adds another layer of complication to the DIY moss removal project.

While vinegar is an eco-friendly alternative to some moss killing products, rest assured that Wilderland uses eco-friendly sodium percarbonate granules which we guarantee to be effective in killing moss and keeping it off your roof for a year. That means that sodium percarbonate is more effective for a longer period of time than vinegar is, and is also eco-friendly.


Bleach is a harsh chemical which breaks down the bond between granules in shingles, making them highly susceptible to UV damage. This can lead to brittle or cracked shingles.

In short, bleach will shorten the lifespan of your roof protection, and is not a viable or safe option for DIY roof moss removal. It also comes with the problem of safe and effective application, and frequent reapplication during the rainy season.

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